OperaGX: The Browser for Gamers

Let’s find out why OperaGX is known as the browser for gamers! OperaGX: The Browser for Gamers large

The Opera web browser, which was developed by Norwegian software company Opera Software and was publicly released in 1996, may not be a household name when it comes to web browsers, but it is used by around 3% of the browser market share worldwide, which translates to around 155.4 million people out of a total of 5.18 billion internet users worldwide... that’s a whole lot of people.

Available for almost all current operating systems, including the mobile platform, Opera decided to make the switch from using its proprietary Presto layout engine, which had received many awards for its ease of use and very useful features, to using the Chromium engine in 2013, thanks to a strong partnership with Google.

That being said, the current browser market is a very competitive one, ranging from the pervasiveness of Google products, including its web browser, Google Chrome, in our lives to the convenient, in-built nature of Microsoft’s Edge in Microsoft Windows, the operating system (OS) that dominated 70% of the market share when it comes to computer OS. Unsurprisingly, Opera finds itself going up against goliaths who have massive funds and resources. It needs to come up with something new - something that an increasingly-connected world needs - and fast!

This is where Opera Software came up with the idea of a dedicated Gaming Browser. Named the “OperaGX”, this gaming browser isn’t just for browsing the internet, but it is also optimized in such a way that gamers can load just about any browser game, including HTML 5 games, quickly and enjoy a great gaming experience. The browser has a GX Corner panel that advertises all newly available games, as well as where you can buy them (only official distributors of the games; legit ones) at a nice discount. The games you see are exclusively tailored to your liking based on your browsing patterns, so you won’t see deals for a racing game if you don’t like or play racing games.

Not to mention, for players who like to keep on top of things, there’s also a Daily News section that offers a dedicated stream of gaming-related news. If you enjoy live streaming your plays or if you enjoy watching others play games, you’ll be happy to know that the OperaGX comes with a Twitch panel as well. The panel makes it easy for you to browse the channels you follow and receive notifications whenever your favorite streamer starts streaming. You can even set a game as your OperaGX browser's background if you want, which is perfect for any idle H5 games that you may play!

As useful as the other features are, the best part about using OperaGX is its GX Control option. The feature that truly sets it apart from your run-of-the-mill browsers, this control option functions as a CPU and RAM limiter, allowing you to set how much RAM and CPU resources your browser use. This is incredibly useful, especially if you, like many of us do, tend to run other apps in addition to the browser. This way, the browser wouldn’t just hog all of your computer’s resources, leaving you with little to nothing to do other stuff with… I’m looking at you, Chrome!

Of course, the browser also has a cool, sleek design that any gamer would instantly fall in love with. It has a minimalist layout that looks similar to a console gaming layout and is easy to navigate. The browser is fully customizable, allowing gamers to easily tweak the look and feel of their OperaGX browsers via the Easy Setup feature, essentially customizing the browser into what they want it to look like. There are many themes to choose from as well.

Gamers who use Razer’s Chroma RGB lighting would be delighted to know that the browser has Razer Chroma integration too. This allows them to duplicate the chosen colors on any Chroma-enabled accessories they may have onto their OperaGX browser. There’s no need to set anything manually!

So, all in all, the OperaGX has everything a gamer needs for his/her gaming purposes on the browser, whether it is a sleek design that’s entirely customizable or a system that’s optimized for browser gaming. This is precisely why the OperaGX is known as the browser for gamers. OperaGX is completely free to download, so if you play HTML 5 games on the browser often, why not give it a try? It might just be the right browser for you, and once you go OperaGX, you’ll never turn back!