5 Cute Animal-themed Games on the Playmarket

The Playmarket is home to a variety of cute animal themed games and, in this article, we've picked out five that we think you're going to enjoy quite a bit. 5 Cute Animal-themed Games on the Playmarket large

1: Animals 1010

Animals 1010 is a highly creative game that’s based on the same fundamentals as the iconic Tetris but it does make a few changes that set it apart from crowd and give it a unique identity. The game is a delight to play and the objective is to fill up an entire row or column with blocks in order to clear them all away which is a departure from the usual Tetris style in which players can only make rows of blocks if they wish to clear them. Nonetheless, this is a highly enjoyable game that doesn’t disappoint.

Play now: https://www.playmarket.com/play/animals_1010

2: Zoo Boom

Zoo Boom is a brick breaker style game in which players have to locate click on two or more tiles of the identical color that are placed adjacent to one another in order to match and break them. The core gameplay is quite enjoyable by itself but the game elevates things to a whole new level by adding various power-ups that players can utilize in order to make things a bit easier for them.

Play here: https://www.playmarket.com/play/zoo_boom

3: Bunny Quest

Bunny Quest is a puzzle based game in which player shave to reach the rabbit reach its destination in each level and, in order to do so, you will have to rearrange the tiles on the playing field in order to complete an entire path for the bunny to follow. The side objective in this game is to collect as many carrots and possible and, while this isn’t necessary to complete a level, it’s still worth doing if you want a high score.

Play: https://www.playmarket.com/play/bunny_quest

4: Jewel Aquarium

Jewel Aquarium is a highly addicting match-3 style game in which you’ll be matching fish in order to progress further. The game is filled with many challenging and creative levels and even has a combo system that’ll allow you to earn bonus points if you can meet certain matching conditions.

Play here: https://www.playmarket.com/play/jewel_aquarium

5: Kitten Match

Kitten Match is more of a memory based match-3 games in which you’ll be shown a bunch of pictures of cute little kittens at the beginning of each level and will then be tasked with matching the identical pictures together in order to remove them. The game is quite enjoyable and you can definitely get some high score if you keep making correct matches in succession.

Try now: https://www.playmarket.com/play/kitten_match

Overall, the aforementioned games are definitely among the best animal themed games on the Playmarket and we highly recommend trying them out if you get the chance.