5 Brain Teasing Puzzle Games to Play on the PlayMarket

Tease and test your brain with these exciting puzzle games that are sure to provide you with an enjoyable gameplay experience. 5 Brain Teasing Puzzle Games to Play on the PlayMarket large

PlayMarket is home to many exciting puzzle games and we’ve picked out five exceptional games through which you can tease your brain. These games can certainly be challenging at times but, once you finally figure out the solutions to their puzzles, you’ll be met with a feeling of satisfaction that will be worth all the effort.

1: Flower Sudoku

Flower Sudoku is a game that’s been built using the fundamentals of the multitudes of traditional Sudoku games that have come before it and it provides an enjoyable experience because it features a near flawless execution of the core concepts that have defined Sudoku games over the years and, alongside this, it comes with a distinct theme as well that makes things quite refreshing.

Play now: https://www.playmarket.com/play/flower_sudoku

2: Connect Four

Connect Four is a simple but highly addicting puzzle game that’s definitely going to tease your brain as you try to connect four chips together. The game features multiple difficulty settings so you can pick the one that suits your preferences the most. The best thing about this game is the fact that each individual session of play feels distinct which is why it never feels repetitive no matter how much time you sink into it.

Play now: https://www.playmarket.com/play/connect_four

3: 2048 Grow Up

There have been multitudes of exciting 2048 games over the years but 2048 Grow Up feels quite refreshing because it comes with a unique theme that we haven’t really seen before in games of this particular sort. Alongside the unique theme, 2048 Grow Up also features the tried and true gameplay that’s made these games such a delight to play over the years.

Play now: https://www.playmarket.com/play/2048_grow_up

4: Backgammon

Backgammon is a puzzle game that has multitudes of fans around the world and rightly so because it offers highly addicting gameplay that pretty much anyone can fall in love with within mere minutes of playing. If you want to test and tease your brain, there are few better games than backgammon to do so with.

Play now: https://www.playmarket.com/play/backgammon_h5

5: Reversi

Reversi is a game that can take a while to master but, once you get the hang of the fundamentals, it’s the kind of game that you won’t be able to get enough of. The game offers a highly addicting experience and it can often become so engrossing that you won’t even notice hours fly by.

Play now: https://www.playmarket.com/play/reversi

All said and done, if you’re looking for a way to put your puzzle solving skills to the test while giving your brain an exciting workout, look no further than the five delightful games that we’ve listed above.