Dragon Kong

A truly entertaining adventure that takes you to mesmeric places with the monkey king, we’ll be discussing the highlights of this remarkable game. Dragon Kong large

Mario-inspired games have always had their own charm because these games offer simplistic gameplay that’s nothing but enjoyable from start till the very end. We’ve seen hundreds of similar games coming out in recent years but one of the best that stands out for tons of reasons is none other than this stellar adventure game that goes by the name of Dragon Kong. From intriguing storyline to incredible gameplay, the game leaves absolutely nothing to be desired for adventure games fans and if you’re on them and are looking for a fun-filled adventure game, you shouldn’t look past this one.

Dragon Kong is a delightful adventure game in which you’ll be taking on the role of an adorable yet courageous little monkey who embarks on a journey to collect the treasure but his journey won’t be a smooth one as he’ll face constant resistance from different types of creatures that’ll be on the hunt to take the monkey king down. As mentioned, the gameplay is super-fun and that’s only because the core elements have been executed with nothing but perfection so you’ll absolutely love the overall feel of the game once you get into it.

Starting with the most important part, the game offers fast-paced side-scrolling gameplay where you’ll be moving your character forward towards the end of the level. During the level, you’ll have to collect coins and other artifacts that you’ll see. Some of them might be high up in the air and you’ll have to work for them while other rewards will easily be collected as you simply scroll forward. The game also features top-tier combat where you’ll be squaring up against different types of enemies throughout the journey. For some enemies, you’ll have to jump on top of their head to take them down while others can be killed using your character’s special weapon that he carries on his back so either way, the combat is really enthralling and it’ll keep you coming back for more.

The game starts off with a few easy levels but as you keep progressing, the difficulty level will get much higher. There are numerous levels in each chapter and every level has its own time limit and goals for you to achieve. Once you’ve complete all the levels of a chapter, you’ll then move on to the next chapter as it’ll be unlocked. The visuals of the game are truly breathtaking thanks to the wonderful and detailed level designs filled with beautiful environments along with smooth frame rates and fluid animations that make the gameplay much more amusing.

All said and done, Dragon Kong is an outstanding adventure game that’s filled to the brim with exciting features and most importantly, for an adventure game, its longevity is surely unmatchable as you’ll have dozens of exciting levels so all of this comes together to provide you with a memorable experience like you’ve never witnessed in the genre before.